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Frequently Asked Questions about Sac Pick Up and Pua Sacramento:

Anything that is not answered below can be answered by emailing


What is the difference between learning from a dating coach in Sacramento taking a pick up artist bootcamp and pua training?


Well what is the difference between a secretary and a receptionist, or a janitor or a custodian?  Its all the same thing really!   The important thing is if you don't think our dating coaches are up to your standards- you can to leave after the first 30 minutes of the class, no questions asked without having to pay a dime.   


How personalized is the Sacramento Pua training?

The class sizes are typically 3-6 students.  This allows the instructor to give you very specific advice and coaching on exactly what your problem areas are in dealing with.  We also offer one-on-one Sacramento Dating Coach services.  



What sort of results should I expect after the Sacramento Pua training bootcamp?

After 3 Pua Sacramento sessions you will have a much greater understanding of the opposite sex.  And you will have a firm grasp of your strengths and areas you need to work on.  You will have a noticeable increase in confidence and skill in talking with women.... But don't take our word for it: Reviews 



Where are the sessions held?

The best places to pick up girls in Sacramento of course!  Near the Downtown-Arden area.   We specialized in day game at coffee shops and colleges. 


How much are the Sacramento pickup artist training sessions?

Contact us for prices.



Last (and certainly least) what are you doing to improve the SEO of this site about picking up Sacramento girls with training from Sacramento Puas?

Horrible question!  Don't bother reading this answer about our sacramento dating coaches.  First of all I use the phrases Sacramento girls and Sacramento women an obscene amount of times. Second of all I use the terms Sacramento Pickup Artist and Sacramento Pick up Artist.  Notice how sometimes I say Pickup Artist Sacramento, yet other times I say Pick up Artist Sacramento and other times I will say sacramento pua or pua sacramento? That is to make Google happy. The phrase pua sacramento is something I need to say about 35 times!  Same with the phrase sacramento Pua.   But it is way easier to use Sacramento pua in a sentence then pua sacramento.  But sometimes people search for the term Roseville Pickup Artist or Roseville pua.  So that is important to talk about dating coach Sacramento.   Also Roseville girls and Roseville women.  I will even rock some Stockton women and Modesto girls or Modesto women and Stockton girls.   There are a lot of sites out there talking about pick up artists (Pua),  But this site is only about Pick up artists in Sacramento, pick up artists in Roseville and Puas in Sacramento and Roseville and Davis.   Actually Davis pua is a pretty cool scene as well.  sacramento dating coach.
Also Sacramento pua training, pua seminar sacramento pickup artist seminar, Sacramento negs, local pua classes, roseville neg, Sarge Sacramento, sarging Sacramento, Sacramento pick up artist classes and Sacramento pua lessons.  Oh and Sacramento pua training Sacramento pickup artist bootcamp.  But don't forget, local pickup training in Sacramento, Dating coach sacramento, Pickup Artist Sacramento, sactown ladies.  
Wow... that was the best paragraph ever. 
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