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Our Video Tips and Clips

Here are some clips in the field and some quick advice. From Sacramento Pickup artist (Pua Sacramento) 

Radio clip!

Here instructor BB is chatting on the number one Sacramento Radio station:


Sacramento Pick up Artist tips and infield footage

Here BB shows that class that you pick up girls in Sacramento anywhere at anytime talking about anything

In this case- Starbucks, talking about Batman in front of her ex-boyfriend!

Peakcocking Basics: Day vs. Night

Some quick advice about Peacocking.​​   From Sacramento Pua -BB

Shy Sacramento girls!

Dealing with super shy girls can be tough.​  It looks like they are giving of IOD's when really it is just how they act to all strangers​. Sacramento Pua BB shows how to call them out- without scaring them off.

How to cold open a girl or group of girls

Some quick advice on opening up the conversation.​​   From Sacramento Pua -BB

San Diego Sexy high five

Sacramento Pua double B's fav routines.  He shows the beginning of it here with a girl he met 3 minutes before, as her friend shoots the video. ​​

Lock in prop

Sacramento Pua Double B explains the value of a "lock in prop". ​​

Should you buy a girl a drink at a bar?

The answer is simple.... Understanding the reasoning behind the answer is the key.  Sacramento Pick up artist BB explains.​

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