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Sacramento Pua bootcamp to help you become better at flirting with women.
This is not a Sacramento pua seminar but a personalized, hands on pickup artist workshop.

Over the course of six hours we will teach you the basics of approaching women: style, body language (yours and theirs), intros, humor, understanding what they say vs. what they mean, ways to portray confidence, attraction, getting the number, and the first kiss.   These sessions are beginner to intermediate (more advanced one-on-one sessions are available as well).

All sessions are 100% customized for you playing to your strengths and working through your sticking points.    

This session offers personalized infield training focused on what to say after you've started the conversation. In this second session we will teach you how to:
-Turn on the basic attraction switches genetically ingrained in women
-Speak, act, and move in a manner that portrays you as a high value male
-Overcome nervousness when speaking with women
-Understand the art of the neg (mastery of the neg takes more than four hours)
-Properly convey your true personality

Would you talk to your boss’s wife the same way you talk to your three year old niece? Would you talk to a female friend the same way you would talk to your Congresswoman?
Of course not! So why would you talk to a girl you are attracted to in the same way you talk everyone else? There is a wrong way to talk to your boss’s wife and there are many wrong ways to talk to a girl to whom you are attracted.
During the third session we will teach you how to talk to women the right way.

After completion of the third Session you be a graduate of Sac Pick Up!
We conduct highly personalized, on-site hour training classes that will teach you how to:

-Approach strangers at social gatherings in the most effective manner
-Overcome nervousness when approaching women
-“Work the room” at a bar or club
-Learn the subtleties of a female’s body language
-Get women to approach you
-Begin a conversation with a woman

We don't teach magic here.  Instead we focus on the scientific laws of attraction that are evolutionary  hard-wired into females. 

Outlook.  Body language.  Goals.  Attitude. Basic biological differences in male and female behavior.   

This simple information should be taught in schools or by fathers to sons, but it rarely is.

Chances are you have some assumptions about women that are incorrect. Our coaches will analyze what you have done in the past and get an idea of what you need to do in order to become a better man and put your best self forward.

Session 1

The Basics

Session 2

The Approach

Session 4
The Personalization

Session 2

The Approach

Session 3

The Attraction

After the first 3 Sacramento Pua training sessions you can still continue your learning. The fourth session is an add on that students can take after they complete the regular 3 session Sacramento pick up artist bootcamp This followup focuses on whichever area the instructor feels that you need most assistance.

Body language, the initial approach, running out of things to say, saying the wrong things, putting off the "friend zone" vibe--whatever your problem areas are the instructor will zero in on them and give you the tools you need to move forward.

And on your way to becoming a master Pua of Sacramento. 

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