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Sacramento Pick Up Artist bootcamp reviews

I must admit that my teachers facilitated a motivating workshop in Citrus Heights. They provided great examples for opening the Set and insightful recommendations for maintaining the Target's IOI. In the Workshop, they communicate very well and explain PUA methodology with great clarity.    
Mason - Sacramento
Thanks for a sweet weekend.   A lot of what you teach in your sessions are like "life hacks" for talking to women. They're especially useful because you have an ability to target a lot of "inner game" issues, which is probably harder than learning canned openers and the like. So thanks for that. You have a rare ability to know what people are thinking and then discover why. I'm really eager to learn more and plan on coming back once I master what I learned over the weekend. 
Thanks dude,
Alex Tim - Auburn

Students react to what they have seen in the first few minutes of the Sacramento Pick up Artist Bootcamp!

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